Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm going to try again to be a blogger!

I have received three wonderful exchanges over the weekend and will post the pictures and info tonight. "Sorry I forgot to bring them to work with me". I've also sent my two Easter exchanged a little late but I'm have a problem with sciatica and it just saps my strength so I've not been able to do my finishing like I want.
Then there was the 3" to 4" of snow that was a surprise on Sunday morning. Dallas has not had more than an 1" at a time since I moved here 20 year ago. So this year has been amazing to me.
I'll get the picture posted to night.

I've added Debbie's Giveaway to the side bar so please go sign up. Well I thought I was going to add it but blogger doesn't like me right now so I'll try again late.