Thursday, July 29, 2010

Biscornu for Gillie

Gillie posted that she has received her biscornu in the Please Pass the Biscornu exchange. I is a hardanger on I designed for her with petite blanket stitch, kloster blocks, Algerian eyelets, woven bars with picots and square filets done in light and dark peach on white.

Gillie was pleased with the biscornu and unfortunately I will be dropping out of the exchange group as I have to slow down on my stitching and do some Physical Therapy for my back.
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Happy Friday

Mountmellick Lilly progress

I started the blanket stitching on one of the two lilies and soon found it will take longer than the cable stitching used to pad it. Wow I don't feel like I've made much progress. Not to say I'm getting bored this is still exciting that I'm finally making a project instead of just playing around.

Of course I'm still behind but that means I can go look at the real thing to make sure I'm doing it right.

I do have another project I will have to get back to. I took Options in Hardanger last year as a Group Correspondence Course (GCC) with my chapter of the EGA (Embroiders Guild of America).
It's an online chapter "Cyberstitchers" I didn't finish the course or submit the piece but this time I'm going to combine the two pieces and submit them together. So watch for this big, humongous Hardanger piece I'm be pulling out of my UFO some time soon.

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Happy Thursday & Mountmellick SAL

I have decided to stitch the table runner because I have the perfect place for it on a vintage library table in the living room (that we never use). The table sits in front of the picture window with some of my Precious Moments collection and a few mementos from my grandmother.

I have dabbled with Mountmellick embroidery for several years but have never had chance to make sure I was doing the stitches correctly. This is a really privilege to see them done by Yvette and follow along. She and her sister Prue authored Mountmellick Inspired by Nature..

I purchased it and a kit ….hmm I don’t remember how long ago but never started because I needed more than a book to get started. Now I’m really jazzed with a real SAL.

I received the purchased the design in PDF format, from Yvette on Tuesday, then traced the design and started the chain stitch padding for the lilies that night. I tried to take a picture for the whole project but there was too much shine off the material for it to come out.

Last night I finished the chain stitching and started the blanket stitching but no picture of it yet. Any way I realized at 5:30 am that I started the blanket stitch wrong on the second part of the leaf so I will have some fogging to do when I get home tonight. Oh well I seem to have acquired a resident frog from some where so I’m just learning to live with it.
Even if you don’t want to stitch the design sign up for the mails so you can watch the progress of this lovely project.

This weekend will be very again so I’ll be indoors stitching most of the time. A little time must be spent on balancing the check book this month. It’s Stitchaholics (cross stitch) Friday night and Sit ‘n Stitch at Fiber Circle (knitting) on Sunday afternoon, good stitching friends and lots of temptation at the Fiber Circle.

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Have a really good Thursday