Monday, June 29, 2009

15 Sided Biscornu

This is one I made last year from quilting fabric. I cut fabric squares, basted them to 2" square pieces of paper and pieced them like English paper piecing.

The fabric squares are piece a little different that the cross stitched 15 sided Biscornus that are more circular. I really prefer them star shaped but I wouldn't
mind one or two of each. {greedddy}

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Spirit of America Angel Finished

I loved this design from JCS and Brook Noland. It was a fun, quick stitch. She will now reside in my sewing room to watch over all my UFO's. LOL What a tremendous job I've given her. Now I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting for the three new Halloween Witches to arrive at my LNS.

I will be gone until late Sunday for a visit to see DM and DB in San Diego. Poor DH is on his own for 4 days. I did leave him a fridge full of food and baked him a cake. So he is not to poor.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mary Wigham, Ackworth Sampler SAL

I joined the Mary Wigham Ackworth Sampler SAL a couple of weeks ago. This is my progress so far. Part four is out but I'm really far behind. So far I've stitched "most" of part one a a tinny bit of part two.

In other stitching I've stitched all but the stars on the "Spirit of America" angel from the last JCS issue. It's a Brook Noland design, love her work, She has two new Halloween Witches I've ordered from my LNS. I hope they will be in when I get back from my trip to California to visit my DM & DB.

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