Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mary Wigham, Ackworth Sampler SAL

I joined the Mary Wigham Ackworth Sampler SAL a couple of weeks ago. This is my progress so far. Part four is out but I'm really far behind. So far I've stitched "most" of part one a a tinny bit of part two.

In other stitching I've stitched all but the stars on the "Spirit of America" angel from the last JCS issue. It's a Brook Noland design, love her work, She has two new Halloween Witches I've ordered from my LNS. I hope they will be in when I get back from my trip to California to visit my DM & DB.

Please leave a comment, I really appreciate them.

Warm Hugs


Terry said...

Your SAL is coming along nicely.

Charlene said...

Oh, so pretty! What threads are you using? I've tried to join, but still no access to download. Maybe next week??

Cindy F. said...

I think you're a little ahead of me:)
Just enjoy stitching it, no rush:)
You're making beautiful progress already!

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