Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Progress on Weihenbury Spot Sampler Mystery

The more I stitch this sampler the more I like it. Exchanges will be over for the year soon so then I can devote more time to it and hopefully catch up. I'm just barely on page 4 but page 6 is out already.

I've also worked on my Thanksgiving Biscornu

Thanks for coming by Happy Stitching.


Terry said...

Looks very pretty!

Mary's Stitching World said...

WOW looks great i just luv her designs i actually finished the carnation sampler and won a sampler from martina and roger and i wanted to do this one you are workinon ,but have not had a chance to send out money yet ,,hopefully soon,mary

Mylene said...

Your sampler is looking great, Shay!

Remy said...

Your Spot Sampler looks great! I like your colors and color placement. It's going to be magnificent when it's completed.

BeckySC said...

Oh, it's looking great, Shay :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for stopping by on my French blog (have an English one too) ^^
I've come to take a peak at your blog and couldn't resist leaving a post on this article, even though it's from November last year. Absolutely stunning design and I love the choice of colours! Any chance of seeing updated photos?