Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Is It Friday Yet??

I’m so ready for the week end. I have all these ideas for finishing projects I just want to get started with no interruptions. I'm just not interested after I get off work especially since I still have dinner to do. So I’m working on exchanges and gifts which means I don’t have any current pictures to show. I keep thinking I’ll take updated pics of what I'm working on but by the time I get home my mind has moved on the other things.

Since I don’t have any new pics to show I’m going to post the oldest UFO in my stash.

Leisure Arts from 1971 – I have 3 and a half of the small ones done. Still need to do the big one. What do you think the chances are you’ll see this finished in my life time? What would I do with them if I finished them?

Blast From the Past
Catch up time

First Round for the Year Long Prairie Schooler Exchange

I received my first ever pynkeep. It’s from Karen D and now hangs in my sewing room.

This is the Pynpillow that I sent to Cyndi. I changed the fiber colors to match the fabric and stuffed it with wool batting to protect the pins from rusting.

Thanks for stopping by
Have a great week.


Patti said...

Sorry but it isn't Friday yet. In fact I think (but don't quote me on it) that it is in fact Wednesday! Anyway I love the stitching, and I'm so glad that your UFOs are older than my UFOs. But then again I wasn't stitching in 1971 - I had a baby that year and was busy and then had two more and was even busier. Love Patti xxx

Michelle said...

Shay, the Pynpillow is lovely! Don't worry - it will be weekend soon:)

Mylene said...

Love the pynpillow you made for the exchange, so neatly finished.

Always smiling said...

Hi Shay
Just popped by to say hey we're we seas apart but will be stitching together for the Prairiesampler sal!
Loved that pyn pillow and those UFOs will keep you busy for a few years yet, bit like mine!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hello, your blog is a pure marvel!
Best regards of FRANCE MARYLIN

Sari said...

What a gorgeous Pynpillow! And that cat design in the give-a-way... it is so nice!

Mary Ivancicts said...

Just had to let you know, I have these same Jiffy cross stitch! They are the ones that got me hooked in the 70's

Olenka's Stitches said...

You've created a very interesting and beautiful blog. I love your Pynpillow - it's petty and the finish is just perfect!
My favorite among your WIPs is Wirhenburg Spot Sampler - the colors are gorgeous there!

Mary Ivancicts said...

WOW! The covered bridge was my very first project back in 1971! I still have a couple left to do also.